Listening and responding

Recently I have been thinking about the story in Acts 9:1-19.... Saul's experience on his trip to Damascus.   Grab your Bible and have a read. Many of you know…

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Are we “on task” or “on purpose”?

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A couple of years ago, Caroline and I were sitting in a Church Planting workshop learning about other people’s experiences in starting new churches. As I sat there God spoke 3 words to me about Port Macquarie – “Walk every street.” God interrupted me with a thought that was injected mid-stream in my mind, loud and clear. How great that God gave me a specific instruction of something I should do as part of planting a church! It was so clear that I didn’t feel any need to ask “why”. I just figured that if God said it then I’d just get on with it and see what He does as a result.

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