The Presence of God Sets Us Apart

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was telling me that heard from others about a gathering of people that has emerged around the world, calling themselves the Sunday Assemblies. Basically, it's a church without God. Wow. It made me start to think about the difference God's presence makes. I believe God’s presence is visible, tangible, recognisable and powerful.

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Who? What? Why? When? How?

Questions. We all have them. We all ask them. But do we take time to ask the right questions? Do we enter into conversation with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and ask them what they are doing - what do they want to reveal to us?

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Listening and responding

Recently I have been thinking about the story in Acts 9:1-19.... Saul's experience on his trip to Damascus.   Grab your Bible and have a read. Many of you know…

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Taking Hold of The Promise

God's promises are, and continue to be, amazing // He is amazing // The Bible is full of God's promises for every single person - there are no exceptions.

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