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12 May 2019 Shining like stars Dave and Caroline tag-team on our first meeting in the Westport Club! Jesus called himself "the light of the world", but then he also told us... [MORE] Dave and Caroline Dennis 0:43:21
5 May 2019 What does love really look like? Jesus calls us to love each other as he loves us. Pastor Caroline goes deeper into what it means for us to love ALL people deeply and genuinely in... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:41:35
28 Apr 2019 To put ourself in Love's Way It's easy to say that we should love one another because Jesus commanded it. But obedience to his command happens as we learn to love him because... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:41:41
21 Apr 2019 Resurrection Sunday - sharing time! On the first night after Jesus resurrection, the disciples gathered together to talk about the amazing things God was doing in their midst. We... [MORE] Dave and Caroline Dennis 0:38:00
14 Apr 2019 Palm Sunday - Celebrating King Jesus Palm Sunday we remember how Jesus into Jerusalem humbly on a donkey. The crowds of people shouted and celebrated him, and yet just 5 days later... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:33:05
7 Apr 2019 Consider it all joy - don't waste your struggles and pain Applying the truth of Romans 8:28, that God is at work in all circumstances for the good of those who love Him and are called by Him. [MORE] Werner Egger 0:36:24
24 Mar 2019 New places, new spaces Lifeway Church is entering a new season! This message is from our first trial meeting at the Westport Club. What does it mean to be Jesus'... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:40:16
17 Mar 2019 Finance in God's Kingdom This message is the third in a series on "Heaven's economy". We are to give ourselves firstly to the Lord and then to His mission on the Earth.... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:45:32
10 Mar 2019 New Covenant Generosity Jesus spoke a lot about money, but always to reveal the attitudes of our hearts. Handling money well in God's kingdom begins with a heart... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:51:24
24 Feb 2019 The Kingdom of Heaven is not hidden Matthew 13 contains many lessons about the kingdom of heaven and how God is at work bringing influence into our lives and into our world. [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:54:41
10 Feb 2019 Victory and spiritual war Psalm 149 describes God's people as having praises of God in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands. Jesus came to take the battle to... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:47:00
3 Feb 2019 Jesus, the Captain of Heaven's army Pastor Ian Miller, senior pastor of Community Church Hornsby, shares about the faithfulness and determination of Caleb (Joshua 14:6-15), who held... [MORE] Ian Miller 0:43:38
27 Jan 2019 Crafted Prayer Pastor Caroline introduces the themes that God has been underlining for Lifeway Church in 2019, in preparation for "crafted prayer". Prayer is a... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:25:28
20 Jan 2019 Authentic - Summer Camp stories Beka and the youth team share some stories from youth summer camp, which was themed 'Authentic'. (Some stories or names have been removed). [MORE] Beka Dennis 0:26:41
13 Jan 2019 Vision for 2019 Pastors Dave and Caroline share what God has been saying about 2019, leading into our season for prayer that is according to the leading of God... [MORE] Dave and Caroline Dennis 0:42:20
9 Dec 2018 The Kingdom of God is here Jesus proclaimed that God is King by demonstrating the power and authority of the Kingdom. We proclaim Jesus, as his ambassadors, and can press... [MORE] Werner Egger 0:22:42
2 Dec 2018 Surrender, Boldness and Breakthrough Acts 16:16-34. The breakthrough comes when we are submitted to God's will, trusting Him and remaining focussed in prayer and worship, no matter... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:35:48
25 Nov 2018 Dream, Love, Pray Continuing to 'Dream out loud' with God, finding His mission for us as the body of Christ, means we must go deep with Him. Deep in worship, prayer... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:37:34
18 Nov 2018 Head, heart and hands The Church is described as being the "body of Christ". This means that to be doing the same things that Jesus did and saying the things that He said. [MORE] Dr. Barry Chant 0:52:52
11 Nov 2018 A city without walls, a tree of healing God speaks to His people in a time of "small beginnings", and says that the size or strength of the city wall is not important, as it is the... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:33:06
28 Oct 2018 Rest and Presence The world has a tendency to surround us with pressure, business and stress that leads to anxiety and weariness. Jesus enables us to do life resting... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:35:09
14 Oct 2018 A mission statement for life "To inspire all people to worship the Lord and enter into His presence, His power and His purposes." Pastor Dave shares how a mission statement... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:45:17
7 Oct 2018 Breakthrough with God given people and strategies Breakthrough. Vision accompanied by the right people whom God has brought together to love, encourage, strengthen and support each other. [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:32:25
30 Sep 2018 Sharing our stories This Sunday was a great time of sharing our encouraging stories of what God has been doing in all our lives! (Some stories have been edited out due... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:15:10
16 Sep 2018 Dreaming Out Loud with wisdom, maturity and gifting Pastor Dave shares about dreaming with God, allowing time for God to develop the spiritual maturity to act on those things God has spoken with... [MORE] Dave Dennis 1:08:42
9 Sep 2018 Walking in the Way The first name for Christianity was "The Way". Jesus identified himself as "the Way" - the way to life, the way to know God the Father and to find... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:39:36
2 Sep 2018 I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life The final message in the "I AM" series. Jesus is the perfect representation of God, revealed as our Father. All ideas about who God is and what God... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:39:33
26 Aug 2018 I AM the Resurrection and the Life Jesus has total authority over death and is the source and substance of all life. In John chapter 11, the death and raising of Lazarus forms a... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:41:10
19 Aug 2018 Dreaming Out Loud, Part 2 Part 2 of embarking on a dreaming journey… a journey that includes vision and passion for what we believe we are called to do here in Port Macquarie. [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:40:15
12 Aug 2018 Dreaming Out Loud, Part 1 The first in a series sharing the vision for Lifeway Church in 2019 and beyond. [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:30:43
29 Jul 2018 I AM the Good Shepherd I AM the Gate and I AM the Good Shepherd are two more titles that reveal that loving caring, life-giving and self-sacrificing character and nature... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:39:50
22 Jul 2018 Telling our stories Story time! As Jesus' followers, learning to tell our stories about what God has done for us and what he is doing in our lives right now is part of... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 1:16:06
3 Jun 2018 I AM the Light of the World John 8 - Jesus says, "I AM the light of the world." The life that Jesus gives us is light to live by - the earth is full of his glory, and as we... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:42:21
27 May 2018 I AM the Bread of Life Jesus amazes the crowds with a miraculous supply of bread and fish but the real message is that Jesus himself is our life-source; he is the Bread... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:45:28
20 May 2018 A day in the life of Jesus "Imagine a world where LOVE is the way..." [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:34:45
13 May 2018 I AM (the Messiah) - don't be afraid! First a recap on the first "I AM" spoken by Jesus - to the Samaritan woman at the well. Then a look at the second "I AM" spoken to his disciples... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:44:20
6 May 2018 The Father and his two sons - love and inheritance Special guest speaker, Pastor Ian Miller, shares about discovering the amazing love of God the Father and how that releases love in us, from the... [MORE] Ian Miller 0:52:32
29 Apr 2018 David and Caroline's story A retelling of the journey and backstory that brought Dave and Caroline to Port Macquarie, including our history at CCH. This message speaks to the... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:31:08
22 Apr 2018 You carry the presence of the King Do you know what it means to carry the presence of God? Acts 3 tells the story of Peter and John operating in authority because they know they... [MORE] Beka Dennis 0:31:21
15 Apr 2018 How are we to love God? The Bible tells us that we are to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength." What is the way we... [MORE] Werner Egger 0:26:28
1 Apr 2018 He is risen, just as he said! "He is risen, just as he said." When Jesus says he is going to do something, he will do it! [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:17:56
16 Jul 2017 Serving God in love - it is worth it! Guest speaker, Phil Miller, shares his experience of discovering the joy of serving God from a place of love and trust, because God is GOOD. [MORE] Phil Miller 0:46:50
25 Jun 2017 Unity and Real Communion We value a genuine communion - a shared love - between all the churches of Port Macquarie. How then do we live out the unique calling we have as a... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:41:50
28 May 2017 You Have the Spirit of Truth How do we, as Jesus followers, avoid the problems of control in the church and avoid wrong understanding and errors in our faith? 1 John chapter 2... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:39:53
21 May 2017 Weddings and Wine - Jesus Glory revealed There is a famous incident when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast. The encounter finishes by saying that in doing so Jesus 'revealed... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:35:22
23 Apr 2017 Pumpkin Paddy - sowing seeds and bearing fruit wherever we go Psalm 126 talks about 'sowing in tears' and going out with seed to sow. We are called and destined to be fruitful in our faith, but being prepared... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:27:39
16 Apr 2017 Jesus: rebel, hippy, or Son of man Most people can tolerate and even like Jesus as the rebel, or as the warm-fuzzy hippy, but when  Jesus laid claim to the throne of Heaven it got... [MORE] Dave Dennis 28:57
2 Apr 2017 Dont Pull up the Weeds It is sometimes a mystery why God seems to allow some bad things to go unchecked, even within the church. Jesus had some things to say about the... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:38:13
26 Mar 2017 The Storyteller Why did Jesus speak in parables? [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:39:08
19 Mar 2017 Spiritual life and the breath of Heaven In John 3, Jesus makes some radical statements about entering into God's kingdom, being 'born' to new life in the Holy Spirit and how the Holy... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:31:48
12 Mar 2017 We are the beloved In this day, God is calling us to really believe that we are the Beloved. Corporately yes, but more importantly, personally. If we have any chance... [MORE] Vicki Carpenter 0:36:46
5 Mar 2017 Guard Your Heart Proverbs 4:23 tells us the state of our hearts can determine the course of our lives. What influences are affecting your inner world, your... [MORE] Emma O'Connor 0:37:20
19 Feb 2017 Set your sights on the realities of heaven Paul tells the Colossian church, "Since you have been raised to a new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of Heaven, where Christ... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:35:42
9 Oct 2016 Are you on-task or on-purpose? Sometimes we get so busy doing the 'tasks' that we think God has instructed us to do that we can miss the purpose for which He has called us.... [MORE] David Dennis 0:34:28
2 Oct 2016 Speaking life and giving love Beka shares about her experiences at CRC National Conference and the impact of bringing God's love and acceptance to our young people. [MORE] Beka Dennis 0:48:54
11 Sep 2016 The Way of Love Have you ever wondered why love is greater than faith or hope? It is love that creates the fertile ground in which faith and hope can grow. You... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:33:24
4 Sep 2016 Clothing from skins Animal sacrifice was common in ancient times. Did you realise that God began it? Right back in the Garden of Eden he made coverings from animal... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:34:26
14 Aug 2016 What is your next step? The Apostle Paul wrote that following Jesus makes our lives "fruitful" in every way. So what is your next step in knowing God better and having a... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:52:24
7 Aug 2016 "I want people to see you." How does the Bible describe "God's people"? A house, a field, a bride,a city, a temple, the light of the world, salt and flavour. Don't make a big... [MORE] Vicki Carpenter 0:41:46
31 Jul 2016 Taking hold of what God has given us The spies in Canaan - obstacles and scary dudes. (Numbers 13) [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:30:28
17 Jul 2016 Pursuing the fulfilment of God's Promises What does it take to see the fulfilment of God's calling in your life? Take a look at Elisha (1 Kings 18:19-21 and 2 Kings 2) as he followed Elijah... [MORE] Emma O'Connor 0:35:20
26 Jun 2016 Ephesians - Part 4 - STAND STANDING in the strength, power and authority of the Spirit of Christ. The battles that happen in life are not primarily physical in origin. They... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:45:53
19 Jun 2016 Ephesians - Part 3 - WALK II WALKING - living free and powerful. Instead of living by a list of rules because we "have to", we now are able to respond to the love God puts in... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:37:10
12 Jun 2016 Ephesians - Part 2 - WALK WALKING - living for God. What does it mean to "live a life worthy of your calling"? Following the recognition of our being seated with Christ we... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:41:37
5 Jun 2016 Ephesians - Part 1 - SIT SITTING on the throne of heaven with Christ. All of the life we have in Jesus is founded on His finished work on the cross, He has seated us with... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:39:56
29 May 2016 Seeing the gold in people Jesus gives us love for lost and broken people. (Apologies for the poor audio levels and background noise.) [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:38:09
22 May 2016 Jesus has authority over all Jesus sets out on a mission to rescue a man under heavy demon oppression and start a missionary work in the Gerasene region. A storm arises in... [MORE] Caroline Dennis 0:28:47
15 May 2016 Conquering Unbelief It's so easy to slip into working by a formula rather than living in a relationship. Hebrews tells us to listen to God, not harden our heart, and... [MORE] Vicki Carpenter 0:31:15
8 May 2016 The Earth is filled with the glory of God, and we reflect it. Angels sing "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole earth is filled with His glory." Did you know that we are surrounded by light and... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:37:26
1 May 2016 A journey with God Psalm 84 presents for us a journey of longing to be nearer to God, to have greater understanding of His heart and greater experience of His glory.... [MORE] Dave Dennis 0:31:31