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He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear the Lord
and put their trust in him.

Psalm 40:3 (NIV)

Our current worship repertoire

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No. Title Key Alt. key Publisher CCLI NÂș Video link
1 All Who Are Thirsty C D Vineyard UK 2489542 YouTube link
2 As It Is (In Heaven) E Hillsong 7068429 YouTube link
3 Be Still F E, G Hillsong 7102393 YouTube link
4 Build My Life C E Pat Barrett / Housefires 7070345 YouTube link
5 Closer E C, A Bethel Music 6227047 No link
6 Consuming Fire G, E: Female, C, F, D 3818569 No link
7 Ever Be D E Bethel Music 7030065 No link
8 For The Sake Of The World D 6227030 No link
9 For Who You Are E D 4591799 No link
10 Forever G A, E 7001228 No link
11 Freedom Reigns G E 2609353 No link
12 God I Look To You B, D 5858163 No link
13 Good Good Father E A 7036612 No link
14 He Is Faithful E D Jesus Culture 6087902 No link
15 Here As In Heaven D A Hillsong 7051506 No link
16 Here I Am To Worship E 3266032 No link
17 His Glory Appears D, C, E, G, A, B 5407301 No link
18 Holy Spirit G, B, E, C, D, F#, Eb, F 6087919 No link
19 Hosanna E 4785835 No link
20 Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher) F-A, G, D-F#, E, C 5780152 No link
21 Hungry C, E, D 2650364 No link
22 I Surrender (Hillsong) F, E, C, D, G 6177317 No link
23 In Jesus' Name D, C, A, G 6454638 No link
24 Jesus At The Center E D Integrity | Israel Houghton 6115180 No link
25 Let It Rain G, E: Female, C 3591817 No link
26 Look To The Son C, E, A, G, D 7068422 No link
27 Mighty Breath Of God D, A, G, C 3026148 No link
28 No Longer Slaves D G 7030123 No link
29 No Other Name C D 7019979 No link
30 Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) D, E, Db, G, C, A 6428767 No link
31 One Thing Remains E C Bethel Music 5508444 No link
32 Open Heaven C, D, A, E 7047254 No link
33 Our Father D, E, Eb, C, F, B, G 6258346 No link
34 Relentless D, B, E, Db, A, C, Bb, G 6428743 No link
35 Risen E Integrity | Israel Houghton 7018327 No link
36 Rock Of Our Salvation D Bright City 7087142 YouTube link
37 Set A Fire D, Bb, C, E 5911299 No link
38 Show Me Your Glory D, E, G, F, B, A 5875184 No link
39 Sinking Deep A, G, C, D, F, E 6605236 No link
40 So Will I (100 Billion X) A, E, F, D, C#, C 7084123 No link
41 Spirit Break Out E A 6058450 No link
42 Spirit Move A B 7054191 No link
43 Surrender G, D 3033179 No link
44 Take Heart B, E, D, C, Ab, G 5409031 No link
45 There's No Other Name G 7082460 No link
46 What A Beautiful Name D, Ab, E, C, G, F 7068424 No link
47 Who You Say I Am F#, G, D, C 7102401 No link
48 With Everything B, A, G, E, C, D 5060779 No link
49 Worthy Is The Lamb A, F, G, D, E, C 3217555 No link
50 You B, A, E, D, G 5636914 No link
51 You Deserve Ab, D, G 5029978 No link
52 You'll Come E, G, C, D 5012583 No link
53 Your Presence Is Heaven To Me D, C, E, A, G, F 6214751 No link